July 18, 2014
‘Heatwave’ by Atari Teenage Riot is my new jam.

‘Heatwave’ by Atari Teenage Riot is my new jam.

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July 8, 2014
‘Sun, Where’s The Fire’ by What Moon ThingsSaid “son, where’s the fucking fire?” I said “I let it die in my mind, because it burned so bright, and I’m speeding so I can hold your hand, because I can’t tell you it’s all right.”

- this song just blew me away

‘Sun, Where’s The Fire’ by What Moon Things
Said “son, where’s the fucking fire?” I said “I let it die in my mind, because it burned so bright, and I’m speeding so I can hold your hand, because I can’t tell you it’s all right.” - this song just blew me away

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June 20, 2014

"electronics pushed into glitchy places they weren’t designed for" (via @wreckingball37)

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June 19, 2014
‘Half Gone’ by Joe Innes & The CavalcadeThis is such a beautiful song - from the new @joeinnes EP

‘Half Gone’ by Joe Innes & The Cavalcade
This is such a beautiful song - from the new @joeinnes EP

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June 16, 2014

If you like punk-ish noise rock à la METZ, lend this an ear…

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June 12, 2014
"It’s sharing. If a person likes one song, then you know what’s likely to happen? They’ll press the download arrow and own it for free. You won’t believe what happens next! They become familiar with the artist, and seek out other material. Maybe they buy that. Maybe they talk about it online. Maybe they go to a show. Maybe they simply become a fan and tell a friend."

— Kaskade (via newspeedwayboogie)

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June 9, 2014

Nothing says summer like a new Felice Brothers album

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June 5, 2014
‘Bumhouse’ by Knalpot is my new jam.

‘Bumhouse’ by Knalpot is my new jam.

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May 30, 2014
"We have to make it user-friendly to the artist. They have to be able to build businesses on it. They have to be able to have the information who is using their music, where they are…
That has to become a business for the artist as much as communicating with their fans. Right now, they (music services) have all the information and the artist have no information. No one knows… I don’t know. I own a record company. I would die to know who bought my records on iTunes or bought my tickets on TicketMaster."

— From “To understand Beats you need to understand Lady Gaga”, https://medium.com/@mvakulenko/to-understand-beats-you-need-to-understand-lady-gaga-e334de3da6d2

May 23, 2014
Thoughts on Beats Music and internet “radio”

Always someone to try every music service under the sun, I’ve recently been playing around with Beats Music. Being in many ways similar to competitors like Spotify, Rdio or Deezer, their main selling point (in addition to a rather nifty mobile-first on-boarding process) is human-curated playlists.

While curated playlists may not sound like such a big deal, I was blown away by just how good they are. These playlists are very close to what I want my internet music “radio” to be.

I’ve always loved listening to specific music programmes on (FM) radio - when I grew up in Switzerland, an eternity ago, this was a once-weekly 1-hour programme that played punk and new wave, and today it’s mostly in the form of the more left-field and adventurous presenters on BBC 6Music.

On the other hand, I have never warmed to any of the internet music “radio” services (Pandora etc.), or the radio-style features that the streaming music services offer (typically based around similarity to artists you’ve listened to). These usually end up playing mostly things you already know, and only rarely surface anything genuinely new and exciting.

On Beats Music, some of the “Monthly Mixtapes” and “Quarterly Focus” playlists, especially on the “Beats Experimental” channel, feel like the closest I have come to replicating my preferred “radio” experience on the internet. They’re targeted to a particular audience (I trust “Beats Experimental” not to play One Direction), but hand pick tracks from within a fairly diverse genre, leading to a much broader, and IMO much more interesting, “radio” experience than the automated ones I have seen on the other streaming services.

Of course I realise (and have been told repeatedly) that my own music listening isn’t representative of the rest of the world, which apparently prefers to only listen to things it already knows. I would think Beats Music covers them too (I haven’t checked out their more mainstream offerings). Also, the majority of my online music listening will continue to be listening to specific albums/tracks, rather than playlists or radio, but for the times that I do want to listen to “radio”, and for new music discovery generally, I’m very pleasantly suprised by Beats Music.

(PS - I still have to properly check out Songza, who also offer curated playlists, so I can’t include them in any comparison just yet.)

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